Ioana Pîrvu


Desperate case at Campina.

A girl of 23 years received a terrible news: metastases.

After more surgeries and treatments with chemotherapy, positive results are still expected. Cum sistemul sanitar din România este neputincios în astfel de cazuri, presată de timp, Ioana aşteaptă o minune de “afară”. How the healthcare system in Romania is helpless in such cases and because she is pressed by the time, Ioana is waiting for a miracle to come from”outside”.

Ioana managed to find a clinic in Austria at Vienna, where depending on the outcome of the analysis, she will receive another treatment that will lead  to the removal of cancer, if her body reacts properly.

But only tests done at this clinic in Vienna, cost 6000 euros. Cheltuielile totale ale întregului tratament estimându-se la 50 000 de euro. The entire treatment is expected to cost around 50 000 euros.


My name is Ioana Pirvu Laura, I am 23 years old and I am from Campina. Three years ago (March 2006) I sufferred an excision of a mole located posterior thorax, on the right. Interventia a avut loc la spitalul Colentina. The intervention took place at the hospital Colentina. Dupa o luna a venit rezultatul de la anatomie patologica si diagnosticul de melanom malign. After a month of waitingI received the anatomy and pathological diagnosis of malignant melanoma.

I was advised to go to Fundeni hospital and before any treatment, a local intervention  was needed again in order  to achieve margins of safety (the intervention took place at the  hospital Munposan).

After that I followed a  treatment with chemotherapy (Dacarbazina) for 6 months, then immunotherapy with interferon (3 million IU 3 times per week) for another 6 months. Intre timp toate rezultatele pareau a fi favorabile, dar la un an si jumatate (decembrie 2007) am constatat o adenopatie axilara dreapta. Meanwhile all the results seemed to be favorable, but after a year and a half (December 2007) I discovered an axillary adenopathy on the right side.. Am fost sfatuita sa ma operez din nou pentru a indeparta grupul ganglionar, interventie ce a avut loc in decembrie 2007 la spitalul Fundeni. I was advised to have a surgery again to remove the ganglionary group, intervention which took place in December 2007 at Fundeni hospital. The result of the pathological anatomy confirmed that it was metastases.

I  followed  new series of chemotherapy (with Dacarbazina and Cisplatin) for 6 months, and immunotherapy with interferon (6 million IU 3 times per week) until December 2008 when I noticed the appearance of nodes in the right breast. The Department of surgery at Fundeni hospital  recommended partial breast removal. The result of pathological anatomy was still  metastases. I increased the dose of interferon at 18 million IU, but only after 2 months I discovered other nodes in the breast, so in February 2009 I sufferred a new surgery to remove the entire breast. Rezultatul de la anatomie patologica a fost acelasi, metastaza. The result of pathological anatomy was the same metastases.

We continued treatment with interferon, but after other 2 months I noticed the appearance of a new node in the left breast. The entire left breast was removed and also the axillary ganglions as a measure of prevention (April 2009). Now I have the same treatment: interferon (9 million IU 3 times per week).

I have to mention that the medical team ensured me  all the attention and tried to help me but it  was not enough. Opportunities abroad may be higher and this is the reason why we are looking for another type of treatment abroad.

Ioana needs to receive help to be healthy again. Those who want to help Ioana can make a donation, however small, and deposite the money in the account opened on her  name at:
BRD – Campina,   Str Bd. Carol 1, Nr 62, Bl 17 A

RON: RO85BRDE300SV55380303000

EURO: RO28BRDE300SV55468743000


Ioana’s home address is: Str. Constantin Stere, nr 1, Bl  1 A, Sc C, Ap 56

You can also contact her on her email address  To people who know such cases or have been through similar situations, Ioana will be grateful for any information about a clinic in the country or outside or about a treatment. All persons who can help are asked to respond.

„Help can be a  candle lit in the church or  a prayer told from the heart. Many thanks to all those  involved „, Ioana Pirvu.


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I will place your story on my blog. BELIVE, BELIVE, BELIVE AND YOU WILL MOVE THE MOUNTAINS!


Immune system taught to fight deadly skin cancer
First-of-a-kind treatment trains immune system to fight deadly skin cancer, doctors report

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) – For the first time, a novel treatment that trains the immune system to fight cancer has shown a modest benefit in late-stage testing against the deadly skin cancer melanoma.

The approach is called a cancer vaccine, even though it treats disease rather than prevents it as most vaccines do.

Doctors say that in a study of 180 patients already getting standard treatments, the vaccine doubled the number of patients whose tumors shrank, and extended the time until their cancer worsened by about six weeks.

Results were reported Saturday at a cancer conference in Orlando.

Hello from Greece Ioana!
I was touched by a friend who told me your story.
As a Medical Doctor myself, I will tell you just one thing: keep this magnificent smile and be optimist that the best will happen! In medicine, you never know what will happen for sure and having positive energy will help you with your struggle!
All the best!

On 3 december 2009 God decided to take her in heaven!
Let’s all pray for her, so God put her soul with the Saints!

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Ioana are nevoie de ajutor pentru a putea fi sanatoasa din nou.                                                              Cei care doresc sa o ajute pe Ioana o pot face cu o donatie oricat de mica in contul deschis pe numele sau la:
                                                             BRD sucursala Campina, Campina,    Str Bd. Carol 1, Nr 62, Bl 17 A      RON: RO85BRDE300SV55380303000 EURO: RO28BRDE300SV55468743000 cod SWIFT: BRDEROBU                                                              Adresa Ioanei: Str. Constantin Stere, nr 1, Bl 1 A, Sc C, Ap 56                                                              De asemenea, o puteti contacta la adresa de email                                                              Persoanelor care cunosc astfel de cazuri sau au trecut prin situatii similare, Ioana le multumeste pentru orice informatie in legatura cu o clinica din tara sau de afara sau despre un tratament.                    Toate persoanele care pot ajuta sunt rugate sa raspunda.                                                              „Ajutor inseamna si o lumanare aprinsa la biserica si o rugaciune spusa din inima multumesc tuturor celor care se implica”, Ioana Pirvu.


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